Lawn Aeration Service

What is lawn aeration and why does my lawn need it?

dead grass aeration lawn maintanceLawn aeration helps your lawn to breath, reduces thatch and water consumption, which allows for deeper root penetration. This will result in a greener, healthier lawn. Aeration is recommended for all lawn and turf areas. Throughout the year, the soil that contains your lawn's roots system is constantly being walked on and watered. The combination of these two things leads to soil compaction. Compacted soil becomes less likely to allow water and nutrients to penetrate and cannot be used as well by your lawn or turf grass.

It is common for us to hear about customers with persistent dry spots in their lawns. No matter how much water is placed on these areas, it seems to never green up. This is caused by the compacted soil under the grass surface. The impermeable layer is not allowing the water to get into the grass roots zone. To help solve this problem, we recommend an aeration. The lawn aeration physically removes plugs from your lawn and creates thousands of tiny holes in the compacted soil. These holes allow for water and nutrients to penetrate the soil surface and then be used by your lawn's roots. An aerated lawn also reduces water consumption.

To compliment lawn aeration we recommend over seeding at the same time as part of our lawn care maintenance program. The tiny holes are a perfect environment to introduce new grass to fill the bare spots in your lawn.

Questions from the field:

How often should I have my lawn aerated?

Grillo Landscape Solutions recommends getting your lawn aerated once a year. Generally aeration is scheduled in the spring or fall, but can be done throughout the growing season as needed. If you are unsure, we are always happy to come out for a free evaluation and can make a better recommendation based on your lawn.

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