Tree & Shrub Pruning Services

commercial shrub bush trimmingWhen do my trees and shrubs need pruning?

The majority of our pruning is scheduled during early spring, fall and winter months. Pruning of trees and shrubs is an essential part of your landscape maintenance. Grillo Landscape Solutions is always happy to come out and give you a free estimate for pruning your trees and shrubs.

We offer pruning services anytime of the year. The pruning of trees and shrubs are done by an ISA Certified Arborist.

Questions from the field:

Why do my trees and shrubs need pruning?

Your trees and shrubs health is greatly improved by periodic pruning.

Here are some benefits of pruning your trees and shrubs:

  • Regular pruning helps with continued health and figure of trees and shrubs.
  • Trees and shrubs can be pruned or trained to grow a certain way.
  • Improve overall look of your property and landscaping.
  • Reduce disease infection.
  • Increase structural integrity.
  • Reduces storm damage.
  • Enhances flowering and fruit production.
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