Broadleaf Weed Control Lawn Services

lawn broadleaf weed dandelionDandelions, Crabgrass, and Spurge are the most common broadleaf weeds in Northern Nevada. Improper lawn maintenance such as mowing the lawn to short, improperly timed fertilizer application or over or under-watering are the most common causes for broadleaf weed issues.

Grillo Landscape Solutions can control Dandelions as well as prevent crabgrass and spurge. We offer two options for treatment of broadleaf weeds in turf areas.

The first option (recommended) for best results is to sign up with Grillo's Broadleaf Weed Control Program. The yearly program traditionally begins in March and goes through October, weather permitting. Benefits of the program include:

  • Regular visits every 5 – 7 weeks by a professionally licensed and trained during the growing season.

lawn broadleaf weed crabgrass

  • Fertilizer, Disease Control and Insect Control are also included in the program.
  • Licensed technicians take care of all existing dandelions, crabgrass and spurge weeds.
  • Service guarantee, if at any time between treatments an issue is spotted, a Grillo Landscape Solutions licensed technician will schedule a service call at no additional charge.

The second option is a onetime spot treatment applied by one of Grillo Landscape Solutions licensed technicians on problem areas.lawn boardleaf spurge

Questions from the field:

I sprayed last year for weeds, why are they back again?

Broadleaf weeds occur naturally in all soils and can persist for 30+ years. They make thousands of seeds per plant and disperse into your lawn from miles away. For consistent weed control contact Grillo Landscape Solutions for a free estimate for their Broadleaf Weed Control Program.

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