Insect Control Services for Lawns

Controlling insects in your lawn is imperative to the health of your turf. Our pesticide treatment provide the best relief from most insect issues. Grillo Landscape Solutions professionally licensed and trained technicians follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to control pests. Grillo's trained technicians know what applications are best suited for the Northern Nevada climate and the particular pests that are present in your yard. We can apply preventative as well as curative treatments to control insects.

Problem lawn insects in Northern Nevada include:

sod webworm lawn insect
Sod Webworms

billbug lawn insect

grub insect lawn

How do I get rid of the bugs in my yard?

At Grillo Landscape Solutions we offer two options for insect control.

The first option (recommended) for best results is to sign up with Grillo's Insect Control program. The yearly program traditionally begins in March and goes through October, weather permitting. Benefits of the program include:

  • Regular visits every 5 – 7 weeks by a professionally licensed and trained during the growing season.
  • Fertilizer, Disease Control and Weed Control are also included in the program.
  • Licensed technicians take care of all existing insect control issues.
  • Service guarantee, if at any time between treatments an issue is spotted, a Grillo Landscape Solutions licensed technician will schedule a service call at no additional charge.
  • An organic treatment can also be added on to a regular program for certain areas.

The second option is a onetime spot treatment applied by one of Grillo Landscape Solutions licensed technicians on infested areas

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